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"I highly Recommend Training With Deborah!"


"I started training with Deborah Parker about five years ago. I tried several other trainers before finding Deborah. Once I started training with her, I knew my search was over. I am 54 years old. I’m not looking to build bulky muscles or look like I’m 20 again. I want to be able to function in my daily life without pain, and be in shape to do anything I want without fatigue and soreness. With Deborah’s help, I have been successful in this. Deborah is awesome at working with your body’s ailments. I sit at a computer all day every day, so unfortunately have developed carpal tunnel and upper back/neck pain.I also had messed up knees from sports injuries years ago, and lower back pain after weekend gardening. She not only figured out the best exercises for me to strengthen these problem areas, but she also taught me how to sit at the computer with the correct ‘neutral’ posture, and use my muscles correctly so my pain has been alleviated.  I no longer put stress on my problem areas. Everyday as I sit at the computer pain free, I am thankful for her guidance! She has an incredible ability to find the right balance of pushing you harder than you push yourself, but not so hard that you get sore or hurt. She ‘sees’ your body – I don’t know how else to describe it. Intuitively she somehow feels what you are capable of doing. I highly recommend training with Deborah! I am definitely stronger, have more muscle and less fat." 


K. Lisen


Folsom, CA


". . . Get Ready for A New You!"


"Have you ever considered changing your life? I did and was able to find Deborah Seeger's FitPro Solutions. When I started, I had minimal flexibility in a two-year-old knee replacement. pain in my shoulder, could hardly pedal a bike and could barely get down on the floor. Deborah took me where I was, and we went from there. That was months ago. Now, I am a new woman. I can’t believe the things I can do. I am so much stronger, my knee is back to normal, the pain in my shoulder is nearly gone and my balance is amazing. Best of all, I look and feel healthy. A friend told me I looked serene! The unbelievable part is I am 68 years old. That’s not exactly the age one thinks of when a life changing experience is possible. I did change my life and it has gotten better every day. Give FitPro Solutions a try and get ready for a new you!"


B. Chapman


Placerville, CA